Gods I Want to See in Hades

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I’ve been pretty obsessed with Hades since I started playing it. There’s an addictive quality that overcomes me after every death or escape and I just find myself wanting to spend more time in the Underworld, even if Zagreus doesn’t. Since my previous post, I’ve now made it to the true ending and I have to say that even the post-credits content is still very fun. While escape isn’t necessarily my primary goal anymore, it feels great to complete a run with added difficulty from the Pact of Punishment and I’m still progressing story points with many of the characters. Speaking of which, thanks to whoever it was at Supergiant Games who wrote Patroclus’ codex entry. You broke my heart.

Supergiant have spoiled players with a huge amount of content, but I know I’m not alone when I say that I still want more. I know that DLC for Hades is unlikely, but I can’t help but think about the things that I would love for them to include in potential updates. Although there are plenty of characters that Zagreus can interact with during and between his escape attempts, I found myself wondering either where other figures from Greek mythology are during this story or, if they were to appear, how their presence would affect the game.

Caution: I’ve kept things as spoiler free as possible but there is one god that I discuss where I talk about the true ending. I have signalled this for anyone who wants to avoid important plot points.

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Hera | Queen of Olympus

Probably the god that I would consider to be the most glaringly absent from Hades, especially when you consider her high status. While Hera is the wife (and sister) of Zeus and the former wielder of Coronacht, one of Zagreus’ Infernal Arms, she is most notably the goddess of women. As such, she rules over marriage, childbirth and family, meaning that I think she would have a thing or two to say about Hades and Persephone’s union.

Hera is often depicted as vengeful and hostile, although this is not always without reason seeing as her husband is the ever unfaithful Zeus and limitations dictate that she cannot punish him directly. Her function as a boon giving character is what makes Hera difficult to place within the game, similarly to the missing goddess of the hearth, Hestia, who previously brandished Exagryph. Hera could work in a similar way to how Chaos’ boons operate but leaning more towards curses or hindering Zagreus’ escape attempts, keeping things more in line with her brand of revenge. This motive could surface in the form of a rumour as it is debated who Zagreus’ parents are, with some scholars claiming his father is Zeus, and I think this would be enough to garner the wrath of Hera.

Hecate | Goddess of MagicSpoilers!

The most goth of all the Chthonic gods (sorry, Nyx). Hecate aided Demeter in her search for Persephone by using her flaming torches to guide her through the night. Once mother and daughter had been reunited, Hecate becomes minister and companion to Persephone. In game, Hecate could become her lady in waiting, confidante and closest friend after she returns to the House of Hades.

Hecate’s relationship to Persephone is more interesting when you consider her parentage, which is disputed but this is often the case in Greek mythology. There are instances where Hecate is said to be the daughter of Demeter herself, which means that there is a chance that Hecate was Persephone’s sister, whether this is half, foster or otherwise. Perhaps Hecate only began helping Demeter once Persephone had disappeared from the House, explaining her absence throughout the game. It could even be interpreted in Hades that Hecate was simply close to Persephone and this led to a sisterly-like bond between them. Supergiant have a uniquely entertaining way of portraying obscure aspects of the mythos, such as Zagreus and Dionysus pranking Orpheus by stating they are the same person, because even the real life stories can’t agree there.

I picture Hecate as being a character like Achilles, in that she doesn’t grant Zagreus boons but instead provides conversation and plot progression. After the garden is unlocked, Zagreus could run into Hecate there while she is gathering herbs and the like for witchcraft and spells. This also opens up cosmetic upgrades for the garden, which is something else that I would greatly enjoy because it could really do with some cute fairy lights.

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The Oneiroi | Dreams

I’ve seen a lot of conflicting information about the Oneiroi with one being that they are the children of Hypnos, but I don’t think that our sleepy cinnamon roll is up for parenting just yet. In which case, I’ll go with the popular version of them being more of Nyx’s children, and therefore the siblings of Hypnos, Thanatos and Charon. If we go with the idea that there are three Oneiroi (Oneiros being the singular, ‘dream’), this would mean that we have Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos.

Again, I don’t imagine the Oneiroi as boon givers but instead Zagreus can travel to their realm like how he does with Chaos and Erebus. In this place, Zagreus will be confronted with different types of dream-worlds depending on which of the Oneiroi is overseeing him, such as Phobetor presenting him with a more nightmarish environment. Here Zagreus must overcome a combat challenge, which could be a wave of enemies or even a mini boss. Upon failure, Zagreus will awaken in his rarely utilised bed with his run rewards intact rather than taking his usual ride home via the Styx.

Styx | Goddess of the River Styx

And while we’re on the subject of the Styx, I am very curious to see how the artists in Supergiant would approach designing a character that is a river. I see Styx taking many forms, from a personified character to ominous hands reaching out to embrace Zagreus during his death animation. Charon frequently travels all the rivers of the Underworld and so I would expect that he has a good working relationship with Styx. Perhaps they are even friends and she will cling to the side of his boat, in the same way a siren would, to keep him company while he rows.

The final area before escaping the Underworld is the Temple of Styx and it would be interesting to see her interact with Zagreus in ways other than him drowning in her waters upon death. She would likely resent Zagreus as he attempts, and sometimes succeeds, to outrun her despite the inevitability of their meeting.

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Hephaestus | God of the Forge

Abandoned by his mother, Hera, banished from Mount Olympus for his deformity, and his wife cheating on him; I think Hephaestus has had it quite rough in Greek myth and deserves some screen time. Hephaestus’ skill lay in his craft as he forged all of the weapons for the Olympian gods and served as the deity of blacksmithing, metalwork, carpentry, etc. His reasoning behind helping Zagreus could be in rebellion against Hera. Knowing that his mother would be against aiding the son of Hades would create a curious kinship between the two characters, with one of them desperately trying to reunite with their mother and the other taking any measures to defy his.

In game, Zagreus receives weapon upgrades from Daedalus (creator of the Labyrinth and Icarus’ wax wings), but Hephaestus could enhance the Infernal Arms in different ways. I envision his input acting like the legendary boons from other Olympians, with the stipulation of having to use the Daedalus hammer upgrades a certain number of times for each weapon before they start becoming available. Hephaestus is also the god of fire, which could then lead to weapon upgrades that imbue the Infernal Arms with fire properties, an element that we currently don’t have in game other than the magma in Asphodel.

I’ve already said that DLC is unlikely for Hades and this is a shame but, considering how much content Supergiant have already packed into this game over the course of its early access release, I can’t say that I blame them. Hades is one of the best games that I have played and while it’s fun to speculate extra content it isn’t necessary for the experience. I highly encourage people to play this game because it not only makes repetitiveness fun, but the focus on its story and characters makes every run feel like an achievement even if it ends in a death rather than escape.

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