Mario is coming to iOS


“Mario is running towards his next goal: iPhone” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Everyone, turn off Pokémon Go (even if it is coming to Apple Watch later this year). The iconic Italian plumber is on his way.

Super Mario Run will be an automatic runner game and players must tap the screen to make Mario jump. A single tap will make him jump normally and a prolonged tap will cause him to jump higher, which is useful to make the final jumps to the top of the flagpole. The player must collect as many coins as possible while hurdling small gaps and jumping onto enemies. Miyamoto claims that the controls are “simple and the movement feels great”.

One of the selling points is that this is the first Mario game that can be played one handed. You can play on a train or even while eating, as Miyamoto joked. This is great for convenience and makes the game a lot simpler to grasp and play. While it is reminiscent of traditional gameplay, the fact that it is an automatic runner means that there is a slight deviation. However, during the game there will be power ups that will make Mario change direction while running, meaning that there is a sense of difficulty and a challenging aspect to the game without making it impossible to play.


There will also be a feature known as ‘Toad Rally’ where players are able to challenge their friends and players from around the world. In this game mode players must try to beat one another’s high scores, but instead of reaching the usual flagpole the players continue until the timer runs out and collect as many points as possible. Additionally, Toads will appear on the screen when players are about to do a part that requires a bit of flair and if they impress these onlookers, the Toads will be added to their very own customisable Mushroom Kingdom. The Kingdom can be customised using the coins collected during the playable levels. As a bonus, there will also be Super Mario stickers introduced for iMessage, because we need something more than emojis.

The game will be aimed at all ages and will be released at a set price and there will also be in-app purchases according to the app description. Super Mario Run will be released “in time for the holidays” this year.


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