“It’s a trap!”: Star Wars Battlefront


Battlefront‘s cover art

Star Wars Battlefront
Released: November 17, 2015

I was planning on writing this review quite a while ago but I was really struggling to do so. I had a few paragraphs written out and it was okay to say the least but I wasn’t feeling great about it. I am a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to anything creative that I do, so because of this strange feeling I was getting I scrapped it completely. For some reason this particular game wasn’t inspiring anything imaginative within me, and I just couldn’t think of anything to say about it. But in reality, this sums up the game entirely and also may be why I was experiencing some trouble. I think I was trying to be too diplomatic in my previous draft of this game and instead it ended up turning into a dishonest account of Battlefront. While I am a fan of Star Wars, I feel like Battlefront just didn’t live up to the standard of the franchise as a whole.

Now, I won’t lie, I have had fun playing it with my university housemates. It’s been pretty enjoyable when my housemates and I spend a few hours in the evening winding down and shooting mindlessly at Stormtroopers/the Rebel Alliance. However, it’s not the type of game that I would go out of my way to buy myself. It’s not something that I would play if I was bored either, I have several other games to fulfil that need. So, when would I play it? In all honesty, I’ve only played it because my housemate, whose PS4 we’ve been playing on, only has Battlefront and Fifa 16 (2015). I’ve only ever played a few sports video games but Fifa has never been something that I’ve enjoyed. The only other option then was to play Battlefront. I could have brought a few games from home but games take up a significant amount of space on the PS4 hard drive, and so I decided against using my friend’s new console for that reason.

Personally, I feel as though Battlefront is lacking in many aspects. I’m not much of an online player because at heart, I love local multiplayer. Battlefront does have a co-op mode for players to delve into, but I do think they should have included split screen online play and even a single player campaign. I believe that would have added another layer to the game but unfortunately there is currently nothing of the sort. That isn’t to say that the game isn’t fun at times. It is entertaining to play as Stormtroopers, people of the Rebel Alliance and even main characters from the original Star Wars films. I have to say, it’s pretty daunting when you see Darth Vader coming towards you, deflecting bullets with his lightsaber. Or to see Emperor Palpatine performing a Psycho Crusher (Street Fighter fans will appreciate that one) in your direction.

There are several online modes to play, which looks great at first but in actuality there are only a handful of them that are even worth playing. The majority of them feel similar to one another, with very few differences between the modes. Personally, I enjoy playing Blast and Droid Run, but I play the two of them very similarly. Although in Droid Run you are supposed to capture and maintain control of the three droids roaming around the map to win, I end up just killing people in the opposing team and not paying all that much attention to the droids. Instead, I treat it as though I am playing a team deathmatch, which is what Blast is. By creating numerous game modes for the players to choose from, it actually dilutes the experience. This isn’t to say that other shooters do not have similar issues however, for example, Halo 3 (2007) had nine unique (within the game itself) online modes to choose from, in comparison to Battlefront‘s repetitive eleven. Taking Halo 3 as a base, one of the modes is Territories, which entails the players to capture areas on the map in their teams. Within this mode, there are three variations or sub-modes to choose from (as it is with all of the online modes), making changes such as the number of rounds played and what happens when an area is captured. Comparatively, Battlefront has Droid Run, Supremacy and Drop Zone that bare similarities to Territories. Both Cargo and Extraction have a familiar air of the popular Capture the Flag element about them, while Heroes and Villains and also Hero Hunt are basically Juggernaut. Once we begin to group them together like this, Battlefront only really has five unique game modes.

With five online game modes, no single player campaign and a measly selection of missions to play offline cooperatively, it’s really no wonder why I feel as though Battlefront is inadequate. It is definitely a game that you only play if you don’t feel like using that many brain cells. As I said before, I play this game mindlessly because there isn’t much else to do. I suppose if you want a chilled out time playing video games, then this one is perfect because it’s very simple and doesn’t require much thought or effort. Even the levelling system doesn’t feel that rewarding as all you can really do is unlock new skins/characters to run around as and better weapons. I guess this is basically every shooter out there but I’m still not convinced with this game. As a Star Wars fan, I did enjoy being in the different maps taken directly from the movie franchise. The music and sound effects make for a great time as well, but it does feel very ‘meh’ overall, for want of a better adjective.

This is more than likely the shortest review that I have written on this blog, but that’s quite indicative of the amount of content that there is to sink your teeth into. The lack of content has made this post extremely difficult to write because there simply isn’t enough for me to talk about. It’s fun for about an hour or if you just want a standard shooter to play, but I’d say save your hard earned money for a better game. There are so many shooters out there that are more worth your time and effort, because this one is pretty lackluster.



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